AFM system

This system represents a comprehensive software solution for property administration and maintenance. The AFM serves for clear and comprehensible registration and administration of all facility management essentials and is user-friendly for clients. Within individual modules, it facilitates communication and enables for example the following:

  • Detailed data registration of objects, including individual installed technical equipments
  • Creation of the regular maintenance and revision schedule serving as the base for conducting the technical administration
  • Registration of all related documents (e.g. protocols on conducted servicing, review reports, etc.)
  • Accessible for clients via the Internet
  • Easy entering and processing of operative demands (e.g. orders for individually assigned activities)
  • Easy classification and localisation of demands, sorting them out by the activity type
  • Assigning seriousness degree to particular demands and automatic determination of deadlines for the execution thereof
  • Continuous monitoring of individual stages of demand execution
  • Approving the submitted quotations and final validation of the execution of demanded works
  • Sending notification e-mails, alerts on the monitored parameters, or pre-determined KPI evaluation, etc.


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